Alaska Search and Rescue Association | Training Requests
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ASARA Training Requests

Since 2005, ASARA has helped search and rescue organizations across the state with training funds.


Process for Requesting Funds: Any ASARA organization or representative member in good standing can request funds from ASARA directly related to search and rescue in Alaska. Please reference our current funding guidelines below.


Submitting a Request: The requesting organization should complete an online Request for Funds. Organizations can access this form through their login under the Organization Portal link. Once submitted, the request will automatically be emailed to the ASARA President and ASARA Treasurer.


Funds will be distributed in two, 6 months cycles:

  • January – June, requests due November 1st.
  • July – December, requests due April 1st.


Funding Decision: The President will distribute the request to the nine ASARA Directors for discussion and a funding decision. After review and a decision has been made by the Directors, the President will notify the requesting agency. Please allow up to two weeks to be notified of the Director’s decision.


Reimbursement: Class costs are reimbursed by ASARA to the sponsoring organization or agency after the training or workshop has been successfully completed. Please read the Funds Reimbursement Policy on the Documents page for further guidance on what information will be required before class costs can be reimbursed.


The following items are generally funded by ASARA:

1) Professional instructors fees
2) Instructors food, transportation and lodging
3) Facility rental
4) Equipment and supplies for each participant in an approved class
5) Certification and license fees (e.g. SAR Tech II certification)



UPDATED: June 2016


Purpose: In August 2014, ASARA received a $200,000 grant from the state of Alaska for search and rescue training and equipment. This document highlights guidelines for funding requests and the conditions for any equipment purchased with ASARA funds.


Objective: ASARA’s objective is to spend approximately $40,000, each of the next five years, on training and equipment for volunteer member organizations. Funds will be distributed in two, 6 months cycles:
January –June, requests due November 1st.
July – December, requests due April 1st.


Funding: The Directors will review all requests are consistent with ASARA’s mission. The Director’s will consider funding requests for the following four categories and prioritize allocations as illustrated in the table.


Funding Priority:

ASARA Yearly Budget$40,000
1. Training
2. Equipment
3. Director and SAR Leader Conference / Professional Development
4. 4. SAR Conferences & Exercises

1) Funds for Training:

  • Teams will submit all requests for training funds on the ASARA website.
  • Training Funds can be applied towards, travel, venues, instructor costs, books, certifications and equipment.
  • All requests should include a participant / organization contribution. This amount varies depending on over all training costs and organization funding needs. Please consult with your regional or at-large Director or the ASARA president with any questions.
  • Should training costs change sometime between Director approval and the time of the training,
    the participant / organization contribution must stay proportionate to the original request. Moreover, should unfilled spots go to non-ASARA members, those costs will help offset ASARA’s allocation and not that of the organization / participant contribution.


2) Funds for Equipment:

  • Teams will submit all requests for equipment funds on the ASARA website.
  • ASARA may allocate equipment funds based on 60/40 split of the entire cost of the equipment to be purchase, 60% paid by ASARA.
  • Requested equipment should be utilized primarily for training purposes.
    Conditions for equipment purchased with ASARA funding in whole or in part.
  • Ownership of equipment acquired through this funding shall be vested with the applicant volunteer organization or agency, not ASARA.
  • Equipment acquired through this agreement shall be utilized and retained in Alaska for search and rescue training during the useful existence of such equipment.
  • Costs incurred for maintenance, repairs or support of such equipment shall be borne by the applicant organization or agency unless prior arrangements have been made with ASARA.
  • If the equipment ceases to be used in the volunteer organization or agency, the applicant organization or agency agrees to immediately notify ASARA.
  • ASARA retains the right to equipment purchased with ASARA funds should a member organization choose to leave ASARA.
  • ASARA retains first right of refusal on any equipment purchased should a member organization dissolve itself or choose to surplus the equipment. ASARA may redistribute equipment to another member organization.


3) Funds for Director and SAR Leader Conference / Professional Development

  • Individuals will submit all requests for professional development funds on the ASARA website.
  • Director’s and SAR Leaders of member organizations around the state approved by the ASARA Director’s may submit for funds to attend professional development opportunities / conferences that will benefit their organization, ASARA and/or the general SAR community.


4) Funds for statewide Conferences and exercises.

  • ASARA may choose to help fund state SAR conferences and exercises over the next five years up to $20,000 per event. The yearly budget will be adjusted appropriately.


Additional: If a large portion of the $20,000 per six month cycle has not been allocated, the Directors may choose to consider larger training/equipment/professional development requests. ASARA will notify organizations and collect requests that the Directors will consider, vote on, and prioritize.



FY2011 ASARA Legislative Grant Final Report

2005-2009 Training Funds Report